The fight against cancer is being waged every minute of every day in health systems around the world. Oncology nurses are at the forefront of this battle, delivering care, carrying out clinical trials, and advancing evidence-based research. The expertise that nurses possess has the power to transform cancer care for the better, forever.

This is ONS’s reason to be. ONS provides oncology nurses with a community where they can learn, share, and flourish—where they have a voice and where they are celebrated. ONS is dedicated to representing its more than 35,000 ONS members, as well as more than 100,000 nurses within its expanded community, who call ONS their professional home.

In 2020, ONS continued to push toward the future. Its successes are enhanced by collaborations with its members as well as with industry supporters. Aligned with its mission to promote excellence in oncology nursing and transform cancer care, ONS launched four strategic priorities in 2020 to guide the Society through 2022:

Elevate nursing practice in the delivery of quality cancer care
Stimulate a culture of innovation
Strengthen the voice of oncology nursing
Be an effective and efficient organization

The accomplishments described within this annual report exemplify how ONS is working to achieve these priorities across the ONS Enterprise, while also quickly pivoting to meet members’ needs during a global pandemic.

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